I have a problem where can I report it?
If you have any issues make sure to email us at support@shontell.me

How can I support the site?
Tell all your friends 😀 or donate here https://www.gofundme.com/e42wf6xk or consider white listing us on your ad blocker if you are using one

How do I make a post?
you start by clicking “make a post” on the side bar on the left hand side

make a post 1

you will then be able to make an uncategorized post or you can click one of the other types of posts “News, Art, Writing” to make one of those. If you click on one of them and want to go back to an uncatergorized post just hit “make a post” again and it will take you back to that page.

make a post 2


make a post 3


How do Creations work? whats an existing creation and what is a new creation?

A creation is something you want to be linked together, tutorials on 1 subject, chapters in a on going story or comic, anthology of poetry, or just anything you want to be linked together.

existing series

You will be able to choose from a single post, which will be a post that is stand alone and wont have any links to other posts.
A new creation this is for when ever you start something new, you will be able to give it a name of the creation and title of the post as well along with the issue number.
When you on a post that is part of a creation you will be able to see other posts in that creation on the right hand side of the post, it will display their title and will be sorted alphabetically by their issue.

issues 2

How do i change the color of text in my posts?

click on text and type <span style=”color: [name of color or color code];”> type what you want in the different color and then end it with </span>

text color