This site is pretty much dead for all creators now, I guess.


(Originally posted on my writing blog.) I’ve had an awful lot of fun lately taking concepts I started a long, long time ago and revamping them. It’s shown me how much I’ve grown as a writer, and how much experience I’ve accumulated. This story started as something very different. It started a long time ago. But in reviewing the concept, I considered a few things: 1) I liked the idea of a gaslight horror mystery, and the Victorian era became an easy ground to sow these seeds, and 2) I’d grown up on the Universal Monsters, so I included more characters to better match the traditional monster lineup. This became a love letter to things I adored, from monster mashes, to goofy ahistorical histories, to the only classical literature I enjoyed, to the things I longed to see more of in fiction. This is the story I’ve dedicated my time to finishing and will begin editing soon, so I thought I’d give a little sneak preview.

Men and Monsters

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you can just kinda put whoever’s work you want into the writing section???

that’s not so good

So I’ve just joined Sho’N’Tell after coming across it elsewhere, and so far I like this format! You’ll probably be seeing me more on here.

I should probably introduce myself!
Hi, I’m Charlie, I’m 16 years old & an aspiring artist, although my career choice is probably going to be more along the lines of a research zoologist.
I am a guy, although more on the side of nonbinary, so I go by he/him or they/them pronouns.
I am also polyamorous, and have more than one partner. They aren’t on here, though.
I also draw a lot of animals & furries, technically I myself am a furry, and I actually really do love sparkledogs.
I have a lot of OCs & will probably post both original content & fanworks here, and I will also probably get less and less formal as time goes on in my journal posts.

I have a variety of interests, but currently I’m really obsessed with Jojos Bizarre Adventure!
Anyways, no clue what else to put here, don’t think anyone really is gonna notice this or anything for now either way.

*rubs my bony, caffeinated hands together*

now what should I do to this site??  memes?? my comics??  writing maybe?

Just post the lyrics to “never gonna give you up” one word at a time?


the art format’s perfect for comics actually.

does anyone use this regularly?

I don’t want it to die, it’s such a cute site