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This is also my participation for the Cintiq giveway :3

I really like this one because it was an exercice at school and my teacher

ask to modeling us as if we were superheroes! >:D

Test post! I’m Pearl in a Box and I came here from Tumblr! Not too much to say about myself right now but I look forward to using this site!

Some questions tho: What’s the difference between a “post” and “original post”? And I seem to be getting error messages when I try to upload pics and gifs from my computer, is there a reason why this would happen?

Hey guys!

So, I wrote a little shout-out for Sho N’ Tell on a couple of different websites! It would mean a lot to me if some of you guys would check ’em out, both for proof-reading and to share them (if you have an account on either)!




LOOK BRO……………………………… . ,,


my dude(tm) .

Welcome 2




Hey i\’m new to this website and i have a few question.

Is there a way to check if someone added a piece of your work to their bookshelf?

Is there a place where you can see all notifications? if there isn\’t then i highly recommend adding this feature.

I made 4 posts in the art section but when i check my profile the art section only shows 1 piece.

Please introduce yourself! since this is a new site id love to talk to a lot of new people on here.

heya!! i’m new here and still trying to get the hang of this whole thing, but i’m happy to become a part of this community. my tumblr is treesided-triangle, in case anyone wants to find me there as well ♥

hello communityyy . . .

decided to give this place a chance and so far things seem nice!

hope to meet you guys and chat and stuff