Matty is my nature witch oc, i made her like a year ago and haven't drawn her since. Shes pissed off 100% of the time and hates wearing pants.

kye-kizzy thing
A freelance commission for my coworker. Its currently unfinished all i need to do is fix the ground and add a background.

what i actually look like
i did a crappy doodle of myself and turned it into an icon :)

ciel doodle
Have a coloured doodle of Ciel. one of the 4 ocs who i love to show people

I’m planning on uploading more of my traditional art once i get a new phone since I usually use pen/pencil and paper to draw. The only reason I use phone cameras is cause i alway have my phone on me and the phone i have current does take great pictures, its just that I can’t upload them onto my laptop to post so like hopefully soon I’ll have a new phone to bee able to upload my art.